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Deep learning is a phenomenon where neural networks and algorithms inspired by the human brain where learning comes from large amounts of data. In deep learning algorithms, the tasks are repeatedly performed to gradually improve the outcome through deep layers that enable progressive learning.

Deep Learning belongs to the sphere of artificial intelligence. The main goal is to examine the data and the results without human intervention by the machine. Deep Learning networks can be enhanced and upgraded as the volume of the data.

Deep Learning services include learning of deep structured and unstructured representation of data that allows to build a solution optimized from algorithms to solve Machine Learning problems. Driven by data science, it renders the power of speech recognition and computer vision into machine learning. With the ability to decipher massive amounts of data, the neural networks are trained to work with an efficiency level that mimics the human brain.


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Exploring Deep Learning as a Service

While deep learning algorithms feature self-learning representations, they depend upon ANNs that mirror the way the brain computes information. The takeaway is that deep learning excels in tasks where the basic unit, a single pixel, a single frequency, or a single word/character has little meaning in and of itself, but a combination of such units has a useful meaning.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The business world today is changing with the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT). The future projection and full potential of IoT devices shows the better convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT, which can redefine the way industries, business, and economies function. While IoT deals with devices interacting using the internet, AI makes the devices learn from their data and experience.


AI in Neural Networks

The idea of Artificial Neural Network (ANNs) is based on the belief that working of the human brain by making the right connections, can be imitated using silicon and wires as living neurons and dendrites. ANN is a key tool of machine learning developed by the inspiration of neuron functionality in the brain, which will replicate the way we humans learn. These are the tools for finding patterns that are numerous & complex for programmers to retrieve and train the machine to recognize the patterns.

Deep Learning and AI Solutions

The unlimited potential of deep learning can only be realized by an enterprise if it can be used anywhere (IoT edge-to-cloud), in any way (as a service or on premises), and at every scale (device to supercomputer). Inspired by ANN, Deep Learning algorithms can identify patterns, classify them, and draw insights from it, just as human brains can.

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Deep Learning Examples

The How and Where Deep Learning Applications work

Deep Learning applications may seem disillusioning to a normal human being, but those with the privilege of knowing the machine learning world understand the dent that deep learning is making globally by exploring and resolving human problems in every domain.

The most common areas where deep learning is applicable includes: self-driving cars, visual recognition, virtual assistants, fraud detection, natural language processing, automatic game playing, automatic machine translation, and more.

Deep learning works on the concept of repeated teaching. It trains the computer so that it can understand a particular pattern and also identifies a picture or voice. After recognizing, the computer can automatically catch that word or voice.


AI based Chatbot

Intelligent AI bot which is able to make human level conversation, speech recognition using (NLP) Natural Language Processing.


Facial Recognition

It is a technology which compares human faces with accuracy and precision, typically used to authenticate users


Document Understanding

Computer vision enables to extract data from the images through image processing based on CNN Algorithm.


Recommendation System

It is a machine learning algorithm that recommends products to the customer based on their previous purchase.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a software robot which is used to automate basic, repetitive human tasks.


Machine Translation

Multiple language translation using AI Technology.

Industry Use Cases of Deep Learning



Risk analysis, fraud detection, document understanding, customer complaint analysis, stock trend analysis etc. The application of the deep learning algorithm in banking sectors are huge and expanding.



Demand forecasting, recommendation systems, customer behavior pattern analysis, Inventory management, object detection, voice-enabled shopping and robotic systems are some of the use cases of deep learning in retail and ecommerce.

AI tools for Deep Learning Development

The proper tool stack is required to build the ideal platform for your business. We have some of the greatest minds working with us as a leading Deep Learning technology firm, developing powerful platforms that deliver and maintain.