The Challenge

What does Smart Agriculture might involve?

  • Smart irrigation system
  • Moisture/Humidity sensing
  • Plant disease symptoms detection using image
  • Weather analysis and prediction
  • Satellite farming zone detection
  • Viable crop recommendation system
  • Demand Forecasting system

Smart Agriculture aims to tackle three main objectives:Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes; adapting and building resilience to climate change; and reducing and/or removing greenhouse gas emissions, where possible.


IoT Solution for Agriculture

Use of sensors, cameras, and other devices to turn every element and action involved in farming into data refers to IoT in agriculture. It aims to enable farmers to use these insights to make operational decisions around planting, irrigating, harvesting and more.

Size of fields Value of crops What factor is usually more important to consider? Sensors recommended Examples
Large fieldsLow yield crops per hectareMicro-climate factors
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Weather station
  • Cereals
  • Corn
  • Coffee
Small or medium fields High yield crops per hectare, fragile crops
  • Soil parameters
  • Plant level oriented
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil morphology
  • Leaf humidity
  • Solar radiation
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers

Applications of IoT Technology for Agriculture

Detecting Disease symptoms at early stage using image processing, Moisture sensor and Humidity sensor

Benefits of IoT technology for Agriculture

What precision agriculture looks for…


  • Agility of the processes
  • Product Quality
  • Nutritional value of the products
  • Higher crop yield


  • Food loss due to unpredictable climate change
  • Depletion of Nutrients
  • Monoculture
  • Unscientific and undemocratic distribution of land
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Smart Agriculture Products

Smart Agriculture Solution includes a wide range of agriculture sensors for a great variety of agricultural applications: large fields of cereals, fruit trees and vegetables, greenhouses, flowers.


  1. Cloud connectivity
  2. Real time monitoring
  3. High quality sensor
  4. Plant early disease detection
  5. Remote control
  6. Computer vision
  7. High quality sensorLorem ipsum dolor
  8. Waterproof

Models and sensors

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker is designed to perform vineyards monitoring for enhancing wine quality, selective irrigation on golf courses and conditions control in greenhouses, among others.

View Asset TrackerTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • GPS sensor
  • Wifi Module
  • Built-in Battery Monitoring
  • Solar charging
Automatic water pump

Remote Sensing Pump

Remote Sensing Pump allows to control and monitor water pump operation used in the agriculture sectors. It also includes other features such as cloud connectivity, real-time monitoring, and automated water pumping based on land dryness.

view Remote Sensing PumpTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • Voltage / Current measurement
  • Speed (Rpm)
  • Lorem ipsum
  • Wifi Module
  • GSM Module
  • Soil moisture
moisture sensing device

Livestock and Crop Monitoring

Livestock and Crop Monitoring enables the study of preliminary plant disease detection and cattle moving patterns with the help of AI-based cameras.

view Livestock and Crop MonitoringTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • Real-Time GPS
  • Camera
  • Wifi Module
  • Built-in Battery Monitoring
  • Solar charging
moisture sensing device

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