The Challenge

What does Smart Water might involve?

  • Water leakage control
  • Water waste reduction
  • Smart water metering
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Harmful chemical detection


IoT Solution for Water Management

  • Helps utilities reduce risks that may exist in sewer networks, water distribution networks, as well as both water and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Provides the foundation of data-driven utility management that can also be applied to more effective asset management and operational efficiency.
  • Delivers actionable outcomes to improve management of water at both public and private operations.

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Applications of IoT Technology for Water

This includes water distribution, water monitoring, loss control, and storage

Benefits of IoT technology for Water Management

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Corrected water consumption routines
  • Regulate and control the supply of water
  • Reduced costs and increase in revenue
  • Improvement in safety and reliability of network operations
  • Predict potential failures
  • Enable tank level monitoring
  • Water quality measurement
  • Monitor the amount of water consumed by end users in real time.

Smart Water Products

Smart Water is a product designed to detect the most relevant parameters related to water quality control such as dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, pH, conductivity and temperature.


  1. Dynamic water billing
  2. Real-time web-based monitoring
  3. Identify consumption inefficiencies and patterns
  4. Data alerts of the non-revenue water
  5. Monitor the pipeline temperatures
  6. Advanced data analytics
  7. Cost-efficient
  8. Water quality monitoring
  9. Chemical detection in water
  10. Improved coverage
  11. Long battery life

Models and sensors

Smart Water Meter

Smart water meter is a device used to record, display and control the water consumption electronically. The device wirelessly communicates with a local or wide area network, enabling remote location monitoring and leak detection, which results in minimal water wastage.

View Smart Water MeterTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • Turbidity sensor
  • Temperature and Pressure sensor
  • pH sensor
  • Flow Metering
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  • Wifi Module
  • Digital Counter

Intelligent Pump Controller

Intelligent Pump Controller is an effective solution to detect the early signs of blockages and automatically clear the problem. The system accurately monitors pump performance by ‘live’ continuous measurement of torque producing current, plus flow and pump speed where appropriate.

view Intelligent Pump ControllerTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • Voltage/Current Measurement
  • Speed (rpm) sensor
  • Relay control
  • Flow Monitor sensor
  • Switch and Relays

Water ion Detector

Water ion Detector is commonly used for detecting heavy metal ions in solution. The sensors are designed for detection of heavy metal and bacterial contaminants.

view Water ion DetectorTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • Nitrate
  • Lithium
  • Fluoride
  • Iodide
  • Chloride
  • Cupric
  • Magnesium

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