The Challenge

Almost 70% of retailersbelieve IoT will significantly impact how they do business in the future.


IoT Solutions for Retail

IoT technology allows
smartphone detection.In the future, data gathered in stores has unlimited potential in helping retailers improve operational efficiency, better understand their customers and deliver personalized experiences: dynamic pricing, personalized offers and customized products and services.

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Applications of IoT technology for Retail

Benefits of IoT technology for Retail

  • Enhanced Supply Chain Management: IoT solutions like RFID tags and GPS sensors can be used by retailers to get a comprehensive picture regarding the movement of goods from manufacturing to when it's placed in a store to when a customer buys it.
  • Better Customer Service: IoT also helps brick and mortar retailers by generating insights into customer data while opening opportunities for leveraging that data.
  • Inventory Management: Sensors placed on shelving units can help monitor current stock of items.
  • Reducing shrinkage and fraud: The Internet of Things adds an additional layer of traceability and visibility of the inventory and delivery process.

  • Efficient use of in-store staff: IoT can use cameras, sensors, and facial recognition algorithms in order to identify an impatient or confused shopper.
  • Using Beacons for Timed and Targeted Notifications: Using Beacons for Timed and Targeted Notifications: Beacons are tiny Bluetooth devices that send discount vouchers, or event invites to smartphones within a geographical coverage area.
  • Asset Tracking: Retailers use IoT to track missing shopping baskets and carts.

Smartphone Detection Products

The installation of WiFi trackers in commercial spaces allows retailers to collect and record the unique signal that each phone sends in the search for a WiFi network and use that information to track the customer through an area and build a profile around their buying habits. Video-based foot-traffic monitoring is used to see whether customers dwell in one product area more than others.


  1. Understanding customer behavior
  2. Inventory management
  3. Real- Time monitoring of products
  4. Tracking shipments wirelessly
  5. Cashierless payments
  6. Offer Personalization
  7. Smart Warehouse
  8. Supply chain management
  9. Automated Process
  10. Security

Smart Tracking Devices

Small Tracker

These devices are tiny and are hardly noticeable when attached to an object, but it is powerful enough for owners to track its location in case it gets stolen or misplaced. It receives GPS signals from satellites, and using wireless connectivity, it is capable of transmitting the data to a controlling device such as your PC or mobile phone.

View small trackerTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • GPS sensor

AI based Camera

AI based cameras can automatically blend HDR images in bright light, switch to a multi-image capture mode in low light and use the magic of computational imaging to create a stepless zoom effect with two or more camera modules.

AI based CameraTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • IR sensor
  • Wifi Module
  • CMOS

Automatic Coolers

In this device, fluid heated by the transmission, engine, or power steering pump flows to the cooler. Air flowing over the fins of the cooler carries away heat and cools the fluid flowing within the fins.

The cooled fluid is routed back through the transmission via the return line. Through this continuous process, cooling beyond just the standard system of the radiator is provided to the transmission.

View Plug&SenseTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • Temperature/ Humidity sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Wifi Module
  • Data logger

Smart PoS System

Swivt provides its line of POS solutions via Smart PoS System, a full-featured point of sale software for all types of businesses. SmartPOS systems come as bundled hardware and software “plug-and-play” solutions with end-to-end technology integration options.

View Smart PoS SystemTechnical Guide

Sensors available:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Small Tracker
  • Wifi Module
  • IR / Ultrasonic sensor
  • GPS

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